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Automate your political
monitoring is THE online tool for public affairs professionals. Like a second brain for companies, associations and parties, the tool identifies individually relevant political deals. With you can automatically track, manage and report on them – all in one place.

Become resourceful is for everybody afoot in swiss politics who needs to stay informed and wants to automate manual searches.

« is like a life insurance for public affairs experts.»
Martin Schläpfer, public affairs expert

Let machines do what machines do best, and let humans do what humans do best. provides you with more time for the substantial work makes this very easy to implement. Replace manual Excel lists with our platform and gain time, structure and dynamic.

One single place to store all your knowledge

Miss nothing

Minimize your risks through individual updates about existing affairs and new proposals.


Save time and let search through all political data in the background to provide you with crucial information.


Gain legal certainty through the complete mapping of official affairs. You’ll find everything that gets published immediately in our tool.


Be the first to know if and when session dates or other agendas as they become known – and be the first to engage.


Founding member of got awarded the Digital Shaper 2020 award

Since about 5 years, people who contribute greatly to the digitalisation of switzerland get awarded the Digital Shaper award. The award is handed out by a jury of 12 people by digitalswitzerland in cooperation with the economics papers BILANZ, Handelszeitung and the french paper Le Temps from Lausanne.