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About us

The two founders Thomas Gemperle and Clemens Schuster have the vision to create the tool for political professionals. To realize this vision, they have been developing since 2017.

In the meantime, an interdisciplinary team of more than ten experts from the fields of politics, public affairs, law, software development, design, start-up and management is working daily on improving’s working method is based on the proven principles of “lean” (process optimization) and “agile” (resource optimization). For customers, this means that every two weeks they automatically receive an improved version of the tool, which is based on the maxim of customer benefit and has been developed on the basis of customer feedback.

Various organizations in Switzerland trust as their daily working tool, including listed companies and national associations. is a member of SWICO, the association for ICT and the online industry, as well as SWESA, the Swiss association for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Civic Tech and Open Data considers itself a civic technology start-up based on open administrative data (Open Data). Civic technology refers to IT that advances the digital development of democracy and its actors.’s goal is to use tools and technical aids to create an interconnected understanding of political processes and contexts. is proud to be a substantial part of the Swiss Civic Tech community since the very beginning and is listed on the Civic-Tech-Map and on the Digital Democracy Toolbox since the very first Civic-Tech conference was held in Switzerland.

Co-founder, General Manager, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Clemens Maria Schuster

In a previous life, classical philologist (Latin, ancient Greek), then made the hobby ``Internet`` to his profession. Consultant for digital value creation and digitization. OpenData and transparency as a basis for economic sustainability. In the founding team of with Thomas Gemperle since January 2017.

Co-founder, General Manager, CTO
Thomas Gemperle

OpenData, transparency and politics. In addition, he is a programmer and blogger and loves traveling and communication. Homo politicus. In the founding team of with Clemens Schuster since January 2017.