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About us

We are a civic tech company and refine administrative data. The data originates exclusively from the public administration and is therefore neutral. With our platform, we support our customers in the area of politics and public affairs. We process all political transactions in Switzerland at the national and cantonal level. Filtering and managing political business is thus simplified and our clients retain an overview of the swiss political system despite an information overload. is a member of SWICO, the ICT and online industry association, and SWESA, the Swiss Entrepreneurs.

What are our competences?

The way works is based on the proven principles of “lean” (process-optimised) and “agile” (resource-optimised). In this way, we work in a focused and structured manner in order to use our resources efficiently for our clients’ needs.

Civic technology refers to (information) technologies that enable citizen participation. We want to be able to convey a deep understanding of political contexts and the process of decision-making thanks to’s technology. We have been listed on the Civic Tech Map since the first Civic Tech Conference in Switzerland.

We work with open government data . Everything that the Confederation or individual cantons publish will be captured. This means that you have all government data from a single source, regardless of whether it is from a canton or the Confederation, an interpellation or a consultation. You can immediately continue to work with the affairs, map your internal positioning and inform stakeholders.


Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary team consisting of over twenty employees from the fields of politics, public affairs, law, software development, design, start-up and management. We are constantly working on improving our platform and incorporating our clients’ wishes into the development.

ClemensS (2)

Clemens Maria Schuster

Co-Founder, CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors

In a previous life, classical philologist (Latin, ancient Greek), then made the hobby “Internet“ to his profession. Consultant for digital value creation and digitization. OpenData and transparency as a basis for economic sustainability. In the founding team of with Thomas Gemperle since January 2017.

Nicolas (2)

Nicolas Hebting


Studied law at the Universities of Zurich and Leiden and is involved in neighbourhood help and the voluntary fire service. Plays 4gewinnt pretty well and Ligretto pretty badly. Has been active in the world of civic tech and startups since 2016.


Andrés Vázquez Passfeld

Product Designer

As a designer and researcher, he finds every interaction of people and society with technology exciting. Especially in combination with politics. That’s why he is currently studying political science and sociology as his second degree. As a surfer and nature friend, he loves to spend his time in or near the water.

Michael Thurm

COO, Product Owner

Has an eye for the big picture and the small important things. Keeps track of three children, a flock of chickens and above all the product backlog of Used to be a journalist. Wrote his diploma thesis on Europe as a rhyzomatic being. Would write that again today. Writes user stories instead.

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