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Case study: CRK


[Here you can read the original version of the CRK case study (in german). The following text is a translation by]

As a consultant at the communications agency CRK, Maja Freiermuth supports three organizations in their political work, including, for example, IG Detailhandel. Read here why Freiermuth can sleep peacefully again thanks to


When you take on political monitoring for three organizations at the same time, the work steps have to be on point, efficiency is the key. For Maja Freiermuth, is indispensable. Since CRK has been working with, her work has become qualitatively better and significantly less stressful.

The biggest challenge wasn’t necessarily finding the relevant affairs, says Freiermuth, because she was actually always informed about them. At this point, it should be mentioned that Freiermuth is the secretary general of the Jungfreisinnigen and is currently active as FDP president in her home town of Zofingen; she is therefore very familiar with political events. So it was much more important for the experienced consultant to find specific information faster and more reliably, be it on cantonal or national affairs. “As a service provider, we have a great responsibility to provide our customers with all the information that is relevant to them in a timely manner. Gathering this by hand cost us an enormous amount of time and nerves. We really longed for a relief, because if we miss something, it results in big consequences.”


When is an affair on the agenda of a commission? Where does the affair currently stand in the political process? Has the Federal Council’s response already arrived? Before acquiring, CRK’s public affairs team had to painstakingly gather this information by hand and from various sources. During the pilot phase, Freiermuth quickly realized that reliably provided her with all this information Potential sources of mistakes instantly shrunk to a minimum. “On, I can see the entire chronology of an affair in front of me. The votes, the media releases from the commissions – it’s all there,” says Freiermuth. In addition, the political expert can enter and save her own assessments of an affair directly in the tool. If necessary, with a few clicks, they can even be reported on in the form of a PDF.

On, I can see the entire chronology of an affair in front of me. The votes, the media releases from the commissions – it’s all there!

Maja Freiermuth, Consultant


The decision to use the tool long-term after the pilot phase was therefore relatively easy for the agency’s management. “My team was totally enthusiastic about the platform, the motivation was really noticeable,” says Patrick Marty, partner at CRK.

My team was totally enthusiastic about the platform

Patrick Marty, Partner


The constantly high pressure has disappeared for Freiermuth since the acquisition. As she says herself, she approaches her work in a more relaxed and motivated manner: now handles the regularly recurring and repetitive work steps. As a consultant, she can deal much more intensively with the far more exciting facets of her work: customer-specific evaluation, interpretation and individual recommendations for further action. “I don’t think you can ever get as fast as you can with, no matter how experienced you are,” Freiermuth explains. Compared to before, she needs much less time for a much more well-founded result.

I don't think you can ever get as fast as you can with

Maja Freiermuth, Consultant


At the same time, there is also the knowledge transfer, which can be guaranteed at a much higher level thanks to the platform. Handovers from customers to team members or longer vacations can now take place without hesitation, because monitoring is already set up and all the information is in one place. Ultimately, the situation is simple for Freiermuth: “Actually, you can hardly achieve a bad result with as a tool.”

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