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This is how you benefit from

With you have more time for the essential tasks. Instead of having to search for information yourself, you will receive all relevant information automatically. So you can then take action when it is necessary.

Data location Switzerland

Your data is securely stored in a Swiss cloud.

Active development

Together with you we define the future of

Personal support

We are here for you.

Maximum data security meets compliance standards at a bank level: your data is protected by secure passwords and 2-factor authentication, for example.

Automatic updates

The software is always up to date – you do not need to worry about anything.

Your data always with you

Whether office, home office or lobby – you always have access from your PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone.

Adapted to your requirements

Adaptable to your organizational structure thanks to role management and multilingualism.

Intuitive and clear

Work efficiently thanks to our user-friendly design.

All political affairs in Switzerland

National Council and Council of States as well as all cantonal parliaments; also committees, consultations, session programs, media releases and more.

Unlimited number of keywords

Receive a message as soon as one of your keywords occurs: affairs, consultations including replies, media releases etc.

Multilingual full-text search

Find all affairs and their official appendices in German, French and Italian. Even scanned PDFs.

Administration of affairs

Supplement affairs with internal comments, assessments and evaluations. Group and link your affairs with other affairs.

Daily updates

Receive daily updates on deals, new consultations and internal activities.


Plan political activities thanks to a well-arranged calendar.

Complete historicization

See all events of an affair at a glance on the timeline.


All national consultations and those from all cantons in one place with a reminder function.

Preview and review of the session

Create automatic reports on your own topics in a session (cantonal or national).


Plan agenda items early and process decisions efficiently thanks to automatically imported media releases.


Find out who is voting against his faction and how majorities can be formed.


Create individual reports as Word, PDF or Excel for your stakeholders.

For you!

Various organizations in political Switzerland trust as their daily working tool, including listed companies and national associations. Soon you as well?

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