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Features for caucuses

How can your caucus benefit from

With you can plan your committee and caucus meetings online, take minutes, record internal votes and assign political business to caucus members.

Customised to your caucus

Thanks to role management, reading rights, assignment of political affairs to parliamentarians and group assignment to your caucus are easily adaptable.

All political affairs in Switzerland

National Council, Council of States and all cantonal parliaments; as well as commissions, consultations, session programmes, media releases and more.

Caucus management

Add affairs with comments, and group and link your affairs with other affairs.


Complete affairs with internal votes, slogans and weighting according to their relevance for your caucus. Additions appear on the timeline.

Schedule sessions

Plan your caucus meetings in the tool. Political affairs can be assigned directly to individuals or groups.

Meeting minutes

Create individual minutes and reports after each meeting in Word, PDF or Excel for your caucus.

Create internal affairs

Take note of internal political affairs that have not been officially launched yet, but are already playing a role in your caucus work.


Plan your political activities thanks to a clear and well-organised calendar.


Find out who votes against his caucus and how majorities are formed.


Create individual reports as Word, PDF or Excel to the attention of your caucus members.


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